Zero-to-prototype in 72 hours.

TOM is a global movement that sees teams of technology specialists and enthusiasts join forces to develop creative, low cost solutions for the needs of people living with a disability in just 72 hours.

Our brief was to produce an overview of the event, as well as to create individual videos for 5 of the “Need Knower” challenges, which were set by people living with a disability.

The videos we created included a universal bottle pourer, a golf club grip, entertainment devices, a guide dog harness, and stable filming on crutches.

The solutions created by TOM are available online for anyone to access for free, with the hope that these solutions are of use to other Australians and have the potential to be produced commercially.

“There’s a huge appetite for people to be involved in something that can genuinely make a difference” TOM Melbourne’s Debbie Dadon

The Awol team were proud to be part of such a life changing event.